Keep communicating with your team while working remotely.

Prepare yourself in the best way to face the COVID-19

  • Create unlimited custom forms to communicate with your team using our mobile app. 



  • Obtain real-time data and easily manage information. 

We are ready to help and support you and your business.
Adapt and be versatile
Include all your team's needs on a single platform, accessible anywhere you need on your smartphone or tablet. 
Decrease risk

You can create as many checklists as needed to identify a possible case or problem to prevent your team from a possible risk. 

Increase visibility
Create reports with automatic notifications to have better control of your processes and the health of your employees. 
Elevate your team's health and safety controls

Easily collect data using digital forms and keep track of your employee’s health condition while working on field operations.


Make sure you are following the regulations for all necessary health protocols to avoid risks in your company. 

Track your inspections with photos, geolocation, timestamps and more. 

Assign tasks to your team and set automatic reminders, so no controls are overlooked. 
Data management 

Easily manage your data from a single place. Export your data into a PDF ou Excel file. 

Create your own personalized reports and analyze the information through our dashboard gallery. 


Set up automatic notifications to alert those responsible if there is a problem with an inspection or report. 

Integrate the data obtained with other systems with our API and configure your workflows using Zapier. 

Digital forms to control contagion

With mobile forms of prevention and health control, you can monitor the status of your work team and improve your action plan to combat COVID-19 pandemic. 

DataScope is a platform that allows various industries to streamline, organize and evaluate the work of their field staffs.